Calling in baby


"Calling in baby" I know this well as our little baby girl (now 2) was calling me for a very long time.
Hey, I even made 40 lifestyle changes for a conscious conception. All worth it? 1 billion times over.
Allow me to hold space for you as you call in your baby, as you let go of what's holding you back . Let's create a safe space for you and your baby as your find your way to each other.
Gain an understanding of how Manifestation, Intentions setting, and Visualisation can assist you to make this dream a reality.
Find empowerment through your journey of fertility and pregnancy. Your reward is coming.

- A 1 1/2 hour " calling in baby " session with Clarissa Shipley

- Move through your story, your journey as I hold space for you with no judgment and no boundaries.

- Intention setting, mindset, manifestation, and affirmation techniques to call your baby to you

- A safe and supportive space to deeply connect with yourself, your intuition and to release any blockages holding you back

- A heart-opening meditation to visualise your new story

- Ongoing support and nurturing from Clarissa

Please purchase your selected service and I will make contact within 24 hours to arrange the date of your session.