Guiding Spirit


Guiding Spirit
Together we hold space for your spirituality and connection to spirit. Through meditation and rituals, we guide spirit to us and open the portal to encourage communication and connection.
Together we will create a safe space to move through your story, grief, loss, and respect for ancestors.
Clearing any blockages and emotions through rituals and meditation.

- A 1 1/2 hour session with Clarissa Shipley

- A heart-opening meditation to open the spiritual portal

- I hold space for you with no judgment and no boundaries.

- Rituals to invite you to connect with the spirit world

- A safe and supportive space to deeply connect with yourself, your intuition, and spirituality

- Clear any blockages holding you back from feeling or receiving messages from your loved ones in the spirit world

Please purchase your selected service and I will make contact within 24 hours to arrange the date of your session.