Rebirthing Mama


Pregnancy, Birth and Post partum are life changing events in a womens life. It seems society asks us to move past these experiences pretty quickly but that doesnt mean you were ready. It takes time to unpack these expericences and to nurture them in order to have a closer bond with your baby and body.
Have you had the opportunity to share your birth story? Move through it openly to remove any unwanted emotions, memories, feelings, or even trauma from your birth? Perhaps you need the space to worship your body and baby and just spend time in reflection. You deserve it.

- A 1 1/2 hour one on one Birth session with Clarissa Shipley

- An opportunity to unpack and honour your pregnancy and birth

- Release any trauma left in the body from birth through rituals

- Safe nonjudgemental space to share freely

- Develop a deeper bond with your baby and appreciation to your body

- A nurturing guided meditation to honour your journey

- Ongoing support and nurturing from Clarissa

Please purchase your selected service and I will make contact within 24 hours to arrange the date of your session.