New Moon Rituals (via zoom)


Led by Clarissa Shipley, we focus on bringing in your new story and pressing reset for the month ahead

I'm now offering a special of $60.00 for 3 New moon rituals to allow you this time and space to recharge, focus and find clarity on an aspect of your life your bringing in.
That might be for your business, love, abundance, health, relationship, parenting, housing etc.
Supercharge your chances by connecting with the lunar cycle.

Whats included:

- Gain an understanding on how to personally work with the Lunar offerings to improve aspects of your life

- Connect with your true self with no limits, boundaries or judgement.

- Connect with nature under the new moon to write your own story

- Ideal for those of you who are wanting to create something, bring in something new to your life. A new beginning

- Share the techniques I use in my own life to manifest and set intentions

- Release and surrender what no longer serves you in your life

- Explore visualisation techniques through group meditations

– Connection to mother earth, breath, mind and body

To Bring:
An unlit candle
blank piece paper
large brass or ceramic bowel

All welcome, no experience needed. No judgment to self, it takes courage to try something new,

Monday 30th May 8:00pm (New moon in Gemini)
Tuesday 28th June 8:00pm (New moon in Cancer)
Wednesday 27th July 8:00pm (New moon in Leo)
These gatherings are via zoom. Details will be emailed before we begin

I very much look forward to connecting with you under the new moons
Clarissa x