The Empowered Couple


The Empowered Couple is designed to bring clarity and empowerment to what it is you are bringing into your lives TOGETHER. Perhaps Manifesting a baby, new business, long-term goals, moving house, healthier relationship...... whatever it is KNOW it can be yours. Trust the process and the fact that you are reading this means that you ready. So lets not waste time and begin building the life you desire together.

Whats included:

- 2-hour couples empowerment with Clarissa Shipley

- Create clarity of what you're bringing into your life together.

- A safe and supportive space to deeply connect with yourself, and each other as we release blockages

- Intention setting, mindset, manifestation, and affirmation techniques that will change your life.

- A heart-opening meditation to visualise your new story and bring in your new chapter together

- Ongoing support from Clarissa throughout your journey

Please purchase your selected service and I will make contact within 24 hours to arrange the date of your session.